Outdoor Window Thermometer

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The Best Outdoor Thermometer For Your Needs

The Wrenwane Digital Outdoor Thermometer is an attractive but simple designed unit with no over-complicated controls. The unit itself is white and features a clear plastic trim around the edges. It is extremely light-weight.

Powered by a single button cell battery (included) the thermometer can be stuck decreetly onto any window surface using the suction pad. The angle created allows easy reading of the display. The thermometer is completely waterproof and can therefore withstand even the most adverse weather conditions; it can even be used in an aquarium.

Product Features

• Small and light-weight
• Waterproof
• Clear digits
• Suction pad for ease of placement on any window surface
• Single button cell battery (included)
• Temperature in Fahrenheit (-4°F to 140°F)
• Display dimensions 46mm x 25mm


1 year, no questions asked, full money back guarantee, if unsatisfied with the product

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