Apple Slicer Corer

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The Best Apple Slicer For Your Needs

We all know how irritating and time consuming it is to slice an apple using a knife, not least when you need the slices to be evenly sized for presentation at a party. Likewise, long handle apple corers can be very fiddly to use when pressing down on the apple which refuses to stay still. The Wrenwane Apple Slicer solves these problems, doing two jobs in one with absolute ease.

The Wrenwane Apple Slicer is an attractive but simple designed unit with no over-complicated parts. The unit itself is white with green handles and features stainless steel (type 304), non magnetic blades which will not rust or corrode. It is also extremely light-weight.

Using the slicer is simplicity in itself. Just place over the apple and push down. The apple core will be removed and the slices all even. A simple push down on the slices will pop them out of the botton onto your waiting plate.

Product Features

• Attractive and light-weight
• High quality, non magnetic, stainless steel blades
• Easy to use
• No moving parts
• Dishwasher safe


1 year, no questions asked, full money back guarantee, if unsatisfied with the product

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